Lucas Furst’s Thoughts on Crew Safety With COVID

Lucas Furst

March 1, 2021

Lucas Furst's Thoughts on Crew Safety With COVID

When Tom Cruise exploded on a crew set about their lack of safety protocol during COVID, the clip went viral around the social media verse in a matter of minutes and hours. Of course, it also helped that just about every entertainment channel also picked up on the story as well. However, another Hollywood actor having a rant caught on phone video was not the real message of the event, Lucas Furst notes. Instead, it was how fragile a multi-billion industry remains when it comes to COVID risks and trying to perform what is essentially a highly social business activity nonetheless.


The Rant | Lucas Furst


When Tom Cruise exploded on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 at the crew for not following COVID restrictions, the immediate image was just on the actor himself berating staff. Lucas Furst acknowledges that sort of thing doesn’t go over well with the masses who don’t get to enjoy a multi-million paycheck. However, when Cruise added to his rant that their work had a direct impact on the industry and jobs of thousands of others, which could be put in jeopardy with a set being shut down due to an infection, Lucas Furst reminds folks the point hit home. Cruise is right. Every movie set has a ripple effect on thousands of production and post-production jobs and incomes daily. Lucas Furst notes when sets shut down, so does everything else in the pipeline to the expense of thousands of workers dependent on that workload coming through every month. So, while the expletive-laced lecture might not be the approach every actor would take, Lucas Furst agrees Cruise’s point about COVID safety is well-taken, even if only from the aspect of protecting the movie industry’s lifeblood.


The Pressure Cooker | Lucas Furst


Movie sets have to deliver once the ball has been set in motion. They typically run at least $1 million for a basic average project, and that’s assuming everything goes along without major problems or hiccups (how often does that occur?). Between labor collective bargaining for a shoot, logistics, travel, support, equipment, supplies, local area support, government permitting, and far more, not to mention the actors’ salaries as well, $1 million can be chump-change on big projects. So, if all of those factors suddenly go up in the air because of a COVID exposure and infection cluster outbreak happening on a set, it’s not a weekend off for folks. Lucas Furst reminds us that the risk can be a complete shut-down and even a total loss.


Extreme Options | Lucas Furst


People aren’t messing around to protect their livelihood in the movies either. Lucas Furst notes Cruise himself coughed up almost $700,000 for a private boat to keep his movie crew isolated from the public and infection-free. Tyler Perry did similar with a quarantined set during the entire production period. Other movie production companies are spending millions creating their “bubbles” to ensure big projects make it to fruition without infection outbreaks on the set.


Lucas Furst Advises Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds


No one wanted COVID, and we all want to see an end to the pandemic. However, everyone is involved, and we all have to do our part to protect the industry that we depend on for our livelihoods. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. It could literally force all of us, in Lucas Furst’s opinion, to have to find a different career otherwise just to pay the bills.