Lucas Furst Recommends Aspen and Vail Ski Adventures

Lucas Furst

March 18, 2021

Lucas Furst Recommends Aspen and Vail Ski Adventures

Aspen and Vail are great places to hit the ski slopes or relax in the springtime, according to ski enthusiast Lucas Furst, a healthcare consultant, and entrepreneur.


Lucas Furst often takes his family to Vail, where you can hop on a ski lift to ski at Beaver Creek, about 20 minutes away. You won’t even have to buy a new lift ticket. Since Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone have the same owners, visitors can take advantage of great benefits, such as the Epic Pass Vail Resorts.


Lucas Furst Compares Skiing in Aspen and Vail

At Aspen, Lucas Furst recommends the Ajax ski area that goes back to 1936. It’s right in the middle of town. Other great ski destinations in Aspen include Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass. Lucas Furst, who has co-founded several multi-million-dollar companies, recommends Aspen for visitors who want to experience life in a ski town. He attributes at least some of his success to the ability to escape for a little self-care on the slopes.


Aspen has come a long way in recent years. Through a series of purchases, including Copper, Steamboat, Mammoth, Stratton, Squaw Valley, and Tremblant, Aspen rivals Vail for the title of the best place to ski in Colorado.


On the other hand, Vail is a short 2-hour trip to the heart of Colorado’s capital city, while it takes four hours to get from Aspen to Denver. Since most people fly into the area from Denver, you might want to opt for ski resorts in Vail, so you can maximize your time on the slopes. You can fly into smaller airports near Aspen or Vail, but this is a pricey option.


The Slopes of Aspen vs. Vail Per Lucas Furst

So, how do the slopes match up? Lucas Furst says that Aspen and Vail both have fantastic slopes for new and experienced skiers. Vail has a single mountain, but there are four mountains with unique slopes in Aspen —Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, and Snowmass. So, Aspen presents the maximum variety.


There are shuttles that travel to all four peaks, so transportation isn’t a problem if you want to experience skiing on each mountain. Here’s the thing. Vail has the largest ski area — dwarfing all four Aspen mountains combined. Therefore, Vail is the destination of many serious skiers, including Lucas Furst.


You can work on every style and level of ski trails on a single mountain in Vail. However, Aspen’s mountains have distinctive flair for those who love to explore.


About Lucas Furst

Lucas Furst has a medical background and has co-founded several companies. He has grown his business portfolio by 225% using competitive pricing and intensive research techniques. His companies include Innovative Detox, LLC, and Training Group, LLC.