About Me

Lucas Furst is an executive leader and business development innovator with 10+ years of experience spanning operations, training, film/tv sets, and management. Having a medical background, Lucas Furst has assisted in creating infectious disease protocols for the film/television industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been actively involved in training on-set COVID-19 Health Personnel on safe set practices, screening, contact tracing, disinfection, hygiene stations, testing, and positive case protocols.

On top of his medical experience, Lucas Furst has co-founded and managed several multi-million-dollar companies growing business by 225% and increased ROI by 140% using a competitive pricing strategy. These companies include Medical Placement Association, LLC, Training Group, LLC, Innovative Detox, LLC.

Lucas Furst received his B.S. in Behavioral Science from Lynn University and his M.D. from Xavier University School of Medicine.


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